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Tally 9 - Accounting Software

Tally.ERP 9 –the latest evolution of the Tally series—took 3 years and the dedicated efforts of 200 developers to create. It has grown from a basic accounting package into a simple-yet-sophisticated business management software product. Comprehensive capabilities allow Tally.ERP 9 to meet the needs of small to large businesses with dispersed operations. And traditional functions of a business are handled as capably as the more advanced

The new Tally comes with breakthroughs in collaborative technology that extend your company's capability of managing information across your software applications, across your offices, with your business partners and your managers-on-the-move. And leads to better decisions. And improved profits.

For over a decade, Tally's drive to constantly develop cutting-edge technology that has practical relevance to businesses. New features, new services, new technologies and the power of Tally's simplicity have made Tally the most-used business solution in India. And earned us worldwide acceptance.

According to the International Data Corporation, Tally is bigger than all other brands put together. It is used by more than half of India's hundred most valuable companies listed in the 'Economic Times 500' list.


Simplicity - The software is extremely easy to learn and use.
Flexibility - It can adapt to any business, no matter what the size or type of business. Including yours.
Speed - It understands your time is money. And provides you the information you want - FAST.
Scalability - Tally ees 6.3 is completely scalable. Which simply means, when you have a sudden rush of business, it adapts to the surge.

Accounting Features

  • Accounting without CODES! The only sensible way to do accounts is to do it without account codes, just regular names. With unlimited levels of classification, which you may define at will, Tally manages the most complex ledger systems with ease.
  • Unified Ledgers: Tally pioneered the concept of Unified Ledgers where the General, Sales and Purchase Ledgers are integrated into a Single Ledger and organised in Groups for easy management. This concept gives tremendous reporting power with ease of data entry.
  • Complete Book-keeping: The complete range of bookkeeping facilities! Recording of all types of transactions including Receipts, Payments, Income and Expenses, Sales and Purchases. Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Adjustment Journals, Memorandum Journals as well as Reversing Journals. Transaction data entry through unique voucher entry that is easy and flexible to configure for diverse types of transactions.
  • Comprehensive Accounting: Instantly obtain your Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, Cash and Funds Flows, Trial Balances, and others.
  • Multi-Currency Accounting: With the flexibility of multiple currencies in the same transaction, and viewing ALL reports in one or more currency. The fundamental criteria set out for EMU handling are met by Tally, letting you rest assured that you are ready to meet the challenge.
  • Receivables and Payables: Dynamically allocate payments against invoices with reference to due dates. Reports are classified, grouped, and aged to your definitions. Customisable reminders, for overdues, as well as 'payment performance' - showing your good and bad paymasters!
  • Ratio Analysis: A range of key performance ratios gives you that Bird's Eye View of your company. It is a single sheet Performance Analysis that puts you in total control of your business.
  • Budgeting, Auditing and Security Control: Unlimited budgets and periods, (for example, Original and Revised Budgets), user definable Security Levels for access control, and powerful Audit capabilities. The audit facility allows you to track malafide changes, while making genuine corrections with unparalleled ease.
  • "Scenario" management - Use Optional, Reversing journals and Memorandum vouchers to aid in recording provisional entries useful for interim reports. For example, use Optional Vouchers to record provisional sales and compare with actuals. Useful feature for forecasting and planning. Prepare reports including provisional figures without affecting actual accounts using automatic reversing journals.
  • Unlimited Cost/Profit Centres - with power Project Oriented reporting: Projects, Depts, Mktg. Zones are just a handful of analysis criteria you can use with Tally. With unlimited sub-classification, Tally gives you multi-dimensional analysis and comparatives.
  • VAT and Sales Tax handling: Everything you need, your accountant needs, and the Government needs!

Inventory Features

  • Multi-location Stock Control: Use Tally for simple single-location, or complex Multi-location Stocks. With the same unlimited classification systems for your Items, and your own units of measure. For example, 'Bales of 64 lbs.'!
  • Comprehensive recording of stock movement: All sorts of inventory transactions can be recorded using the inventory voucher forms that make inventory recording very easy and comprehensive. Vouchers include Goods Receipt Notes, Delivery Notes, Stock Transfer Journals, Manufacturing Journals as well as Physical Stock Journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in Stock Registers.
  • Variety of management reports: Movement Analysis that give party-wise details of goods bought and sold and help identify good and bad business partners. Stock Query is a unique single sheet report that gives information on stocks at different locations as well as stock in hand of substitutes.
  • Aged stocks Analysis - this report will identify old stocks to aid in decisions relating to their quick disposal.
  • Batch- related stock reports like Batch-wise reports and expiry date based details will enable stock control to be exercised to the level of batches.
  • Re-order levels and minimum order quantities. Be on top of your stocks order position with the comprehensive Order Status reports in Tally. Specify reorder levels in absolute quantities or based on previous consumption.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

  • Sales & Purchase Orders: A comprehensive facility to record orders with a complete cycle of recording and allocating them through inventory deliveries, invoicing and accounting - maintaining the trail right through! Single sheet reports give current stocks, orders due for delivery, orders due for receipt, shortfalls (if any). Get party-wise or item-wise details of orders outstanding and/or fulfilled.


Sales invoices are produced directly from Tally. Print, Export, E-mail or publish them. It is a very comprehensive invoicing system that allows flexible handling of charges and taxes. The invoice format is available in different formats and you could adopt them as your own or have a completely different layout designed!


Tally ees 6.3 allows you to get the information you require in the format you need. Just create your format in any ODBC compliant software like MS-Word or MS-Excel, and pull data from Tally. To create any report you want. Like Audit Reports and Schedule VI forms. Or internal reports. You can even generate your export documentation by pulling data from Tally.


Harness the power of the Internet! Tally ees 6.3 uses the SMTP protocol for e-mail. Now, e-mail invoices to your customer. Or your purchase order. In fact, e-mail any Tally report or document as easily as you print! Even reminder letters and statement of accounts need not be printed and posted. Simply e-mail them. It is not only postage cost that you save, you save on so much of your valuable time.


You can improve your company's efficiency by sharing information with your extended enterprise: your customers, your bankers, your business partners and other associates. Now publish all reports and documents from Tally ees 6.3 to a secure part of your website, using either FTP, HTTP or secure HTTP protocols, in HTML format. You can use this feature to inform customers the new price-range and stocks available for sale. Or publish reports that your CEO can access, while traveling, using any internet browser.

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