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With more than 2.5 million individual users and 35,000 corporate customers, ACT! by Sage is the number one selling contact and customer management solution worldwide. The ACT! Product Family offers a range of solutions geared to individuals, small businesses, and corporate workgroups or teams to assist in increasing individual productivity, improving sales performance, and providing key insight into all customer interactions. Sage offers flexible deployment options including Windows, Web-based, and mobile access solutions to provide timely access to critical contact and customer information. ACT! is renowned for exceptional end-user adoption, low overall total cost of ownership (TCO), and high return on investment (ROI) for both individuals and organizations.

The new features in ACT!

Attach multiple emails
Select a number of Microsoft Outlook emails from different senders and attach them quickly to ACT! contacts

Activity scheduling from emails
Create ACT! activities within Outlook emails and the contact and regarding/subject line is pre-populated

One-click calendar copy
Copy an ACT! calendar to an Outlook calendar quickly from the main ACT! toolbar

Simplified lookups
Search by only part of a name or title; switch between contact, group or company to modify a search without starting over; advanced queries from main lookup toolbar carry previous searches over for refining

Fast access to previous contact lookups
View the last several contact lookups by type, date, timestamp, and number of contacts in a query

Calendar filters applied on printouts
Print an ACT! calendar with selected users, type, priority, and date range applied

Automated tasks
Automate calendar copying, database backups and maintenance from ACT! Scheduler (previously only available in ACT! Premium)

Streamlined sync progress bar
See progress of database synchronisation by steps and time remaining

How can ACT Improve Your Business?

  • It manages you by managing your diary and tasks, and reminds you when to do what.
  • It manages your contacts by storing them in one place and tracking all documents, emails and phone calls for both you and your colleagues.
  • It manages your business by monitoring sales opportunities and produces pipeline and forecasting reports.

Target new Prospects 
You can use ACT! to easily analyse historical sales trends, understand the profile of your best customers and using this information, plan effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Generate Business Leads 
ACT! is a comprehensive tool for marketing; you can quickly and easily use existing information or import bought–in data for direct mailshots, faxshots and email communication. For example, select groups of prospects you wish to mail and with the superb integration with Microsoft Word, create an effective direct mail campaign including HTML e-mails.

Convert Leads to Sales 
With its own built in sales process system or by designing your own system, you can track all communication with the prospect, ensure maximum service levels are maintained through out the sales cycle and close business quickly and efficiently. Built in reporting improves accuracy of sales forecasts for a single team or a whole sales team.
Improve Customer Relations 
ACT! automatically tracks all communication with your customers including mailshots, letters, meetings and when linked to Sage Line 50 or MMS accounting packages provides essential financial information. This ensures a professional interface with your customers and lays the foundation for a long-term relationship and additional sales.

For further information on the entire ACT! by Sage range, including watching a 10 minute Flash demo, use the Right Hand menus or download an ACT! Product Family Datasheet, or call the specialist ACT! team on 0845 245 0276. Some ACT! by Sage products can be purchased online. Take me to the Shop.


Centralize Critical Customer Information

ACT! is a single, central repository for critical contact and customer information captured across your business. ACT! works with up to 10 users in a network environment, and enables you to access detailed contact and customer information, manage individual and team calendars and activities, capture all customer communications, track opportunities through the sales process, and report on overall effectiveness. And, because ACT! allows you to link to Palm OS® and Pocket PC, you can download the data you need for instant access when you're on the go.

Stay on Top of Your Deliverables

ACT! helps you stay on top of all your daily responsibilities, whether it’s a task you must complete, a call with a customer, a meeting with a co-worker, or an e-mail to a prospect. And, everything you do in ACT! is related to a contact. So, once that item is completed, it’s tracked on the contact for a complete history of your interactions. Multiple calendar views including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and customizable Work Week views are also provided in ACT!, and calendar pop-ups provide quick at-a-glance views into the day’s appointments. Calls, meetings, and to-do items can be filtered by priority, date range or user, with totals being displayed for each type of activity. Even create your own custom activity types so you can better track activities key to your business. And, Activity Alarms will help you stay on top of all your time-sensitive deliverables, while incomplete activities roll over to the next day to help you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Easily Integrate with the Tools You Use Everyday

ACT! delivers one of the most robust integrations with Microsoft Office available today. With ACT!, you can perform key calendar and e-mail tasks in either ACT! or Microsoft Outlook® and ensure the data is still captured on your ACT! Contact Record. In addition, integration with Microsoft Excel® allows for one-click export of Contact, Group, Company, or Opportunity Lists to an Excel spreadsheet for sharing with non-ACT! users or for further analysis. And, integration with Microsoft Word allows you to perform mail merges for communications with prospects and customers and record a history on each individual contact record.

Forecast and Track Sales Opportunities

ACT! enables sales professionals to track sales opportunities from initial inquiry through close utilizing the standard sales process or a process customized to suit your business. Sales opportunities can be viewed all at once or filter by Users, Estimated Close, Date, Status, Sales Stage, Amount, or Probability of Close. And, when working an opportunity, you can simply click follow-up and a new activity will be created automatically with the opportunity details.

Tailor ACT! to Capture Data Unique to Your Business

ACT! can be adapted to meet your unique requirements so you can make more insightful business decisions. End-user friendly and adaptable, users can easily add, delete and edit fields and tabs within ACT! Layout Designer to meet specific needs. For example, field types can be designated as Date, Currency, Yes/No, Expansive Memo, and Picture fields to ensure you are capturing and can report on the right type of data. Priority, Activity, and History types are customizable so you can define “Billable Hours” as an activity type instead of just using “Meeting,” “Call,” or “To-Do.”

Get Up and Running Quickly

ACT! is easy to install. With a Start Here Guide, an easy step-by-step Installation Wizard, a Getting Started Wizard to help configure common preferences and settings, and Product Feature Tours, you can get up and running quickly. Using a personal information manager or PDA software to manage contacts? No problem. Data can be imported from popular formats including .csv, Outlook, and Palm Desktop, eliminating the work involved in re-entering data.

ACT! Premium

Should you be considering ACT! Premium Products?

These products provide:

  • Flexible deployment options with ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2007 and ACT! by Sage Premium for Web 2007.
  • Scalability to accommodate larger workgroups or teams.
  • Centralized administration and advanced security functions geared towards workgroups and teams.
  • Automatic database synchronization, maintenance, and backup to ensure up-to-date customer information and database reliability.
  • Advanced opportunity tracking for more accurate data and better reporting.
  • Group Scheduling for your entire workgroup to increase team efficiency.
  • Automatic synchronization of ACT! and Outlook calendars so you have current times of important meetings.

ACT! Premium for Workgroups and ACT! Premium for Web

With more than 2.5 million individual users and 35,000 corporate customers, ACT! by Sage is the #1 selling contact and customer manager that helps corporate workgroups and sales teams make contact, build relationships, and get results. Renowned for high end-user adoption, ACT! Premium for Workgroups and ACT! Premium for Web offer tools to increase your sales team productivity while providing your organization with scalability, centralized administration, advanced contact and user security, and deployment options required to drive your business. ACT! can be tailored to specific business requirements and offers robust integration with the tools your team uses everyday, such as Microsoft® Office, Lotus Notes®, and handheld devices.

ACT! Premium for Web

ACT! by Sage Premium for Web provides contact and customer management users with anytime, anywhere access to centralized, secure data – enabling remote, traveling, or office-based users access to information in real time through a Web browser. Simple server installation allows for easy roll-out to users and provides organizations with the security of knowing that critical customer data stays within their firewalls, not on individual user PCs. ACT! Premium for Web delivers all of the benefits of hosted Web-based solutions, without the recurring cost of monthly fees!

ACT! Links for Sage accounting software

In today’s sales organisation with customer information stored in multiple databases, contact sheets or even post-it notes, it is difficult for staff to have all the information in the right place at the right time.  Sales performance can be greatly improved if all customer information including key financial data can be accessed quickly and easily.
ACT! is integrated with Sage Instant Accounts, Sage Line 50 and Sage MMS, bringing together the benefits of a superior Contact Manager product and Sage's market leading accounting software.  So, you can manage both your business contacts and view their accounts at the same time, allowing you see which business contacts are more profitable than others, which contacts are late payers and when they last paid their bills.

A single source of information on your customers
How much of your sales force’s time is spent typing in information that is already held electronically on your systems somewhere? Wouldn’t you rather they were spending their time selling?
If any changes are made to a contact record in ACT! or your customer or supplier details in your accounts system, you can use the Update function to make sure that both records contain the same information. You can also link individual ACT! records to individual Sage account customer or supplier records. 
Transactional information such as invoice numbers, details, amounts owed and paid can now be displayed within each contact record. Credit limit, sales to date and outstanding debt information as well as trading terms and discounts available can now be displayed for each customer or supplier without changing applications or screens.
Incorporating seamless links to Sage accounting software will give you a single view of the customer, share information across the company and link together people and processes.

ACT! Link for Pocket PC/Palm

ACT! Link for Pocket PC/Palm is the fastest, easiest way to access and update your ACT! information with your Pocket PC/Palm. ACT! Link™ for Pocket PC/Palm integrates seamlessly with ACT! 2007 whilst synchronising your ACT! data – allowing you to manage your schedule when you’re away from your desk!

Carry customer information with you on-the-go
Synchronise over 30 predefined contact fields and up to 20 ACT! notes and history items for each contact – so that you have all the information you need for each of your contacts with you at all times. Create new notes and activities and then add these automatically to ACT! during your next sync to ensure that all contact information is up to date for your next visit.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease
Manage your working day with full diary features, a task list and reminder functions by synchronising all your ACT! functions with your device. All are linked to your contacts, meaning you are never more than a few steps away from the full history of your dealings with that contact. You need never call the office for information again!

Manage your to-do items with your task list in hand
View timeless ACT! Activities e.g. to-dos, meetings etc. in the task list on your device, once these activities have been completed on your device they will be cleared in ACT! too

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