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Property Management

Zeta Property Management Software is a comprehensive, innovative and user friendly real estate software dedicated to meet all your needs in Real Estate Business. Zeta Property Management includes modules for Property Management Companies, Landlords, Building Associations, and other property related service teams. To manage unlimited properties with different categories along with its tenants, documents, gallery showcase, financial payment received and outstanding as well as history for all transactions. It gives Quick View for selected property to make advertisement, publish to web purpose and is developed using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Zeta Property Manager enables you to get more organized and be more productive. You get the sophistication that the back-office personnel need and the simplicity your property managers need to get up and running quickly.

  • No software installation required, can be used as Web based.
  • Print for required information.
  • Download to PDF available.
  • Fully secured login authentication.
  • Send to friend email for required information.
  • Access Permission for user privileges control.
  • Shortcut icons to access regular modules in favorites.
  • Search Engine to filter results with cities, type and expiry date.
  • Quick View for selected property as a Showcase View for advertisement.
  • Easy to use and could be accessed from any location.
  • Access regular modules in favorites.
  • Easy to work and navigate.
  • Maintain information about - Main Properties, Sub Properties, Tenants, Photo Galleries, Documents, Payment Details, Alert Management, Ticketing Queries, History, etc.
  • Track property information with its tenant & related details till date.
  • Emails and SMS integration are ready to use for all alert reminders.
  • Attach related files/collateral with tasks in different format supported.
  • Master look up table records with full control to add/edit/delete.
  • Rich Text Editor for customizing data content in HTML newsletter.
  • Add/Edit/Delete templates with html format or plain text format.
  • Basic and Advanced filtering search available in all required modules.
  • Print current page option is commonly available in all modules.
  • Download to PDF / Excel is available in all modules.
  • Ticketing Query to support client technical issues directly with team.
  • To centralize tenants database to access privileged groups.
  • Maintains complete Property related information.
  • Maintains Complete Sub Property information.
  • Image gallery for each property.
  • Maintains Tenant history linked with each property.
  • Maintains Tenant documents and integrated with Alert System.
  • Maintain Financial standings of Tenants which is integrated with Alert System.
  • Ability to keep track of all of your rental information in an easy-to-understand and follow format. All of your property, unit and customer data is right at your finger tips.
  • Sort residents by last name, unit, account number or address.
  • Apply monthly rentals.
  • Attach pictures, files, documents and notes.
  • Drill down reporting.
  • Multiple security deposit types.
  • Complete transaction history for each customer.
  • User defined fields.
  • Work with multiple companies/business entities.
  • Powerful Security settings and audit trail.
  • Extensive search capabilities.
  • Track current, past and future residents.
  • Track multiple unit types.
  • Create sales invoices on the fly.
  • Powerful word processor to create templates and leases.
  • A modern, intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.
  • Alert system Integrated in full system.
  • Ready Alert system with Email, SMS, Control panel.
  • All expiry dates gives alert messages.
Main Modules
  • General Master
    • - Property File.
    • - Unit File.
    • - Tenancy File.
    • - Payment Mode.
  • Property Master listings
    • - Location / Sub location master listing.
    • - Unit view master listing.
    • - Furniture master listing.
    • - Facility master listing.
    • - Unit category master listing.
    • - No. of flats / shops / office count.
    • - Active / Renewed / Terminated units.
    • - Water / Electricity & Consumer No. Details.
  • Tenant Related Masters
    • - Nationality Master.
    • - Profession Master.
    • - Religion Master.
    • - Bank Master.
    • - Visa Type Master.
  • Property Ledger
    • - Full Ledger.
    • - Subsidiary Ledger.
    • - Individual Ledger.
    • - Group wise Ledger.
    • - Report code Ledger.
    • - With/Without Opening balance.
    • - With/Without Transaction total.
    • - With PDC / Without PDC.
  • Lease Renewals, Reminders & Expiry Reminders
    • - Lease Revised Entry.
    • - First Reminder List.
    • - Second Reminder List.
    • - First Reminder Lease Notice.
    • - Second Reminder Lease Notice.
    • - Lease Expiry.
    • - Unit Code Status.
    • - Empty units.
    • - Occupied units.
    • - Occupancy Graph.
  • Expense Analysis
    • - Property wise / Unit wise.
    • - Detail / Summary / Status.
  • Utility
    • - Property Link.
    • - Unit Code Account Master Correction.
    • - Ledger Type Statement.
    • - Currency: Local / Foreign.
    • - Sort on Voucher date / Cheque date.
  • Tenant Ledger
    • - Full Ledger.
    • - Subsidiary Ledger.
    • - Individual Ledger.
    • - Group wise Ledger.
    • - Report code Ledger.
    • - With opening balance.
    • - Transaction total required.
    • - PDC / Without PDC.
    • - Currency Local / Foreign.
    • - Sort on Voucher date / Cheque date.
    • - Tenants Active / Inactive / Both.
  • Maintenance
    • Service Type Master Listing.
    • Item Master Listing.
    • Workers Master Listing.
    • Maintenance Company Master Listing.
  • Transaction Reports
    • - Agreement Printing.
    • - Tenancy Contract Register.
    • - Contract Renewal.
    • - Contract Vacate.
    • - Contract Terminate.
    • - Cheque return and redeposit.
    • - Cheque hold.
    • - Cash / Cheque receipt.
  • Others
    • - Annual collection.
    • - Cheque / cash handling reports.
    • - Cash on transfer reports.
    • - History of occupation.
    • - Reminder of expiry.
    • - Rental accrual statement-current & historical.
    • - Occupancy status.
    • - Building rental report.
    • - Monthly rental basis history.
    • - Online search.
    • - Tenant status.
    • - Pending rentals.
    • - Cash collection report building / tenant wise.
    • - Outstanding report.
    • - Cheque return history.
  • Security
    • - User.
    • - Groups.

Accessing Fortune 500 functionality without the costs, risks and limitations of yesterday's solutions is easier than ever with Zeta FAMS.

ZETA Fixed Asset Management solutions is completely web based application. The core functionality of the module is Asset Accounting, Management, Tracking and Maintenance. The next version will be released with Asset Leasing.

We are redefining the management of Assets to the big organizations. The Assets with complete details like brand, model, supplier, serial no, Asset Value, Location, Owner, Asset Disposal details, Purchase date, Warranty tracking, Insured value, revaluation, department, cost centre, Type of Assets, Depreciation calculations.

Main Features:
  • ERP Integration module ensures to integrate with any ERP or Financial Modules.
  • Supports MS SQL Server.
  • Unlimited optional fields for asset register and transaction details.
  • Flexible asset and barcode numbering.
  • Asset Transfer from one location to another and one Owner to another.
  • Powerful depreciation facility, including depreciation projection and reversal.
  • Manage Equipment Maintenance.
  • Schedule maintenance activity and process maintenance expense.
  • Provide complete barcode-based asset tracking facility.
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting functionality.
Asset Numbering
  • Asset ID can consist of up to 72 characters, with multiple segments.
  • Each segment can use the segment code that is respectively defined in category, cost center, location and group.
  • Auto numbering facility is also available.
Comprehensive Setup Options
  • Asset Code.
  • Asset Barcode Generation by Option wise.
  • Type/Categories.
  • Brand.
  • Model.
  • Serial Number.
  • Locations.
  • Cost Centers.
  • Depreciation Periods.
  • Depreciation Methods.
  • Valuation (Insurance, Revaluation).
  • Classifications.
  • Asset Owner.
  • Warranty.
  • Asset Status.
  • Supplier.
Asset Enquiries and Reports Facilities
  • Search asset by category, group, cost center, location, owner .
  • Review complete asset activities history and the original transaction entry.
  • Check component assets of master asset.
  • Maintain serial no. and bar-coding for each unit of asset.
  • Print standard or customized label for each unit of asset.
  • Print asset list, asset history and depreciation report for audit.
  • Print Barcode facility.
  • Searching facility in the main screen itself and the same data can be exported to Excel or PDF documents.
  • Print cost center transfer and owner and Location transfer details for tracking.
  • Print Asset Disposal and Sold Ass.
  • Individual assets and their associated add-on assets.
  • Depreciation history.
  • Asset Register Details.
  • Adjustments Audit Trail.
  • Depreciation Details.
  • Depreciation History.
  • Depreciation Forecast.
  • General Ledger Distribution Analysis.
  • Fully Depreciated Assets Details.
Asset Tracking

Based on Asset Accounting module, the Asset tracking module works with a variety of barcode scanning device to keep track of assets.

  • Maintain Asset Barcode information in asset register.
  • Print asset label with barcode printer.
  • Use asset label to identify asset unit.
  • Predefined barcode scanning program facilitate the asset tracking.
  • Upload the updated asset information from the barcode scanner.
  • Pints out Asset audit report for reconciliation.