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Inventory Management System Dubai Inventory Management System  
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Inventory Product Dubai UAE - Inventory Management Software Dubai UAE - Inventory Accounting Software Dubai UAE.

Inventory Management Software

Records Kept

Stock items

Maintain stock details for raw materials, assemblies, finished goods, spare parts etc.
Specify a full inventory policy for each stock item, including:

  • Units of measure for stocking, buying, stocking, selling and despatch
  • Weight or specific gravity
  • Economic order quantity
  • Supersessions for obsolete products
  • Alternatives where stock is unavailable
  • Reorder level and safety level
  • Production lead time
  • Maximum stock holding
  • Preferred supplier
  • Purchasing reorder time
  • MRP ordering rules
  • Expected yields (purchased & manufactured product)
  • Record technical descriptions for individual stock items, including customer specification, quality control procedure, Certificate of Conformity, dimensions, drawing references and catalogue reference.
  • Set traceability level for each stock item.
  • Value stock by a choice of weighted average, standard or LIFO/FIFO costing.
  • Record the current and expected costs of producing or purchasing each item.
  • Break down the cost of each stock item by material, labour, overhead and outwork.
  • Record percentage uplift to costs for use when costing bills of material.
  • Record six product group analysis codes for use in sales and purchase analysis.
Warehouses and bins
  • Keep stock in multiple logical or physical warehouses and identify bin locations within these.
  • Define hierarchical warehouses and zones.
Product group codes
  • Define your own product groups for sales, stock and purchase analysis.
  • For each of the six codes, set up the valid values.

Tasks Supported

Record Transactions

Record the following transactions in either the Inventory Management module or modules within the overall integrated solution.

  • Receipts from suppliers
  • Stock issued to production
  • Returns from suppliers
  • Write-offs
  • Returns from customers
  • Sales despatches
  • Adjustments
  • Transfers between warehouses or bins
  • Finished goods manufactured or assembled internally
Manage your stock
  • Automatically recalculate economic order quantities, reorder levels and safety stock via user-defined formulae.
  • Track receipt, production and issue of serial controlled items and batch tracked items.
  • Issue stock in bulk for shop floor use.
  • Perform ABC analysis for automatic classification of stock.
  • Keep histories of:
  • Movements in the current year.
  • Demand and usage (issues and sales) in current and previous years.
Maintain traceability
  • Define the level of traceability for each stock item. Choose from batch tracked, serial numbered or non-tracked.
  • If tracking items by batch:
  • Track by batch number, sell-by date, use-by date, expiry date.
  • Specify the inspection cycle and inspection yield for each stock item that you want to inspect.
  • Issue batches according to their expiry date, best-before date, sell-by date or date received.
Stock Taking
  • Carry out both continuous and cyclical stocktaking.
  • Print bar-coded stocktaking cards, produce variance reports and update inventory records automatically if required.


Standard reports available are:
  • Stock Status Report
  • Brief and Full Stock Detail Reports
  • Batch and Serial Number Listings
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • A-B-C Analysis Report
  • Inspection Status Report
  • Inactive Items Report
  • Stock Standard Price List
  • Transaction Audit Trails
  • Shipping Note Audit Trail
  • Stock History Report
  • Stock Movements Report
  • Reorder Proposal
  • Overstocked Items Report

Integration with other modules

Stock items
  • Post stock movements to the General Ledger.
  • Maintain General Ledger account code mapping by product and transaction type
Project Ledger or Job Costing
  • Record issues of stock to specific projects and expenses in the Project Ledger or Job Costing modules.
Project Billing
  • Inventory posted to a project available for Time & Material Billing.
Purchase Order Processing
  • Automatically record receipts for stock items purchased using the Purchase Order Processing module.
  • Automatically record the last supplier and price when receipts are made.
Sales Order Processing
  • Automatically record despatches of stock items sold using the Sales Order Processing module.
  • Automatically record traceability details for items despatched.
  • Integration with the MRP module provides sophisticated stock replenishment planning for both purchased and manufactured items.
Works Order Processing
  • Automatically record issues and returns of stock items as they are consumed on Works Orders.
  • Trial kit works orders based on available stock.
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