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Document Management

Zeta ERP DocStore is an ecient, easily accessible document archiving system. Instant retrieval of any document is possible in just a few clicks. Reduced paper-chasing and a clear audit trail increases clarity and save time. Zeta ERP DocStores can scan documents and store in Zeta database against vouchers for future retrieval. This is another step towards a paperless oce and cuts down on physical storage space as well as allowing the document to be quickly and easily retrieved at any stage. Documents are backed up with the Zeta data. There are also powerful document search facilities.

Major Features
  • - Fully integrated with Zeta ERP.
  • - Attach document images with almost all transactions screens.
  • - Quick to implement & easy to use.
  • - Upload document images from any client workstation.
  • - Supports multiplele formats.
  • - Scan multi-page documents.
  • - Allles are safe & secure within the database.
  • - Multiple files and file types stroed against eact transaction.
  • - Easy navigation.
  • - Backup source documents.
  • - Paperless oce.
  • - Reprint Source documents.
  • - Comprehensive document search.
  • - Content Management.