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Point of Sale

Zeta Point Of Sale module is a very simple, yet powerful, tool to use at the gig to record sales of merchandise. The main interface resembles a cash register displaying items purchased, total due from customer, sales tax, and their change (if any). It allows up to five different sellers to combine their items into one large sale. The user simply selects an item to be sold and clicks the appropriate seller button. Inventories and Sales Totals can be tracked and reports provide this information instantly. Item prices and inventory data is protected by passwords.

Major Features
  • - Cashier friendly user interface - as simple as conventional cash register.
  • - Convenient Base Keys designed to minimize keystrokes making faster and more ecient checkouts.
  • - User-denable discount features - Item and subtotal level.
  • - Maintain separate totals for each cashier or shift allowing individual day end balancing.
  • - Put Bills on hold (Save) and recall (Call) back any number of times.
  • - Customer discounts are automatically calculated.
  • - Single key stroke Help function searches item either by product code or name during checkout.
  • - Provision to overwrite sale price with open price key.
  • - Cashier Sign On/Sign Ofrom the billing screen prevents unauthorized access.
  • - Barcode Compatibility dramatically reduces clerical errors and check-out times.
  • - Pay out and Receipts from the cash till can be recorded straight away on the cash billing screen.
  • - Tax Rates are user-congurable for every item.
  • - Create Shifts.