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Branch Accounting

When operations are conducted at more than a single location, the different locations may be referred to as branches. These branches may encounter difficulties in optimizing operational efficiencies and control within their various branches. Zeta Branch Accounting helps to maintain separate accounting systems for each branch and consolidate the books of accounts. Each branch and head office records its transactions separately in the system. This provides full visibility into business activities with the complete audit trail for each branch. Each branch can have their P&L account and all entities are combined for external reporting in such a way that the external financial statements represent the company as a single economic enterprise.

Major Features
  • - Centralized and decentralized accounting.
  • - Consolidation of branches for reporting.
  • - Local customers and suppliers maintained separately.
  • - Local expenses maintained separately.
  • - Branch wise Profit and Loss.
  • - Increase productivity as a result of decentralized transactions.