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Zeta Production module performs the changing of stock quantities (decrementing raw materials and incrementing assemblies or nished goods), and any associated accounting. Enter into the Production how many units of a particular recipe you want to produce and the system decreases the raw materials and creates the nished product automatically. Zeta handles wastage by allowing Productions to be discarded. The user is forced to enter a reason for the discard from a selection of standard problems previously dened. Assemblies and Finished Goods can even be "disassembled" - this creates a new Production with the reverse entries from the original Production.

Major Features
  • - Creation of Bill of Materials.
  • - Checking the availability of Raw Materials for Manufacturing.
  • - Raw Material Requisition.
  • - Work in Progress Calculation.
  • - Manufacturing.
  • - UnManufacturing of Finished Products.
  • - Manufacturing Variance handling.
  • - Manufacturing Wastage handling.